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The master of infinite brush strokes 

Dr. Dinesh Sharma is a retired Professor of Fine Arts and has published over a 100 research papers on subjects of culture, art, music, philosophy including two volumes on styles of medieval Indian paintings.

“In Rajasthan, I observe that everyone is waiting for something. That posture of an individual deep in thought and waiting creates a linear beauty and rhythm which dominates my work. The undulating female form carrying pots of water from the rivers has hypnotized my consciousness. The women that inhabit my art are an influence from classical Indian works of romance​ – this is my homage to the masters of Rajasthani miniature paintings.”

In Eastern corners of the world, where mango sellers ride bullock carts and women toil in the heat of the day to quench their pots at the river,  women are a world of inspiration and empowerment. Whether it is contemporary or classic Indian art, his work reflects the inspiration he derives from the various roles these women play in their daily lives, mythology, and religion.

As President of the Association of Indian Artists in America (IAIA) and as Chairman of Gyanoday Trust, Udaipur and a traveling guest lecturer on Hindu mythology, Indian art and architecture, Dr. Dinesh Sharma divides his time between his studios in Udaipur in India, Atlanta and Orlando in USA.

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East India Art Company is a creative ongoing collection of eclectic works by artist Dinesh Sharma. His works include modern paintings, murals, stage & temple design as well as custom interiors for homes, offices, professional spaces, restaurants and hotels.

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