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Each of East India Art Company’s creations is an authentic, unique piece of art created with hours of attention to detail, infinite brush strokes and genuine passion for the final product. Every piece of art in our collection has a signature of Dr. Dinesh Sharma on its face as a personal symbol to guarantee its authenticity making it a personal investment for generations to come.

East India Art Company has a large collection of Indian folk art including Madhubani, Gond, and Warli and miniature Rajasthani paintings. Our collection also includes art work that pays homage to the multitude of layers of our contemporary society.

~ Each piece has both originals and giclee prints available for purchase.
~ Each piece includes an original Certificate of Authenticity.​
~ Your artwork will arrive complete with all the hardware necessary to showcase it in your home.

For current pricing and detailed purchase information, you may contact us through one of our galleries in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA:
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