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As she takes up half of the sky, the world takes refuge in her complex moods.
Name her a river on fire or call her the Divine Goddess, she is a source of enchantment.
This is her, the woman in our imagination.

Our collection {She Is} is named after this woman.
Our work represents the seasons in this festival that is her life, where every season has a color, a texture and a shade to it.
She is creation, creation is beauty and in this beauty is a rainbow of colors.

East India Art Company © 2017 is a creative collection of fine art by Dinesh Sharma.
Our mission is to find our art a place in your heart and your home.
We want our art walking the streets, and greeting you in your hallway as you hang your coat after a long day.


Our Cause

The feminine is the most powerful dimension of life. Without the feminine energy or shakti, there would be nothing in existence. - Sadhguru

We seek inspiration in the woman and in her empowerment.
We dream of a world where women are given a chance to embrace their femininity and sensuality.
Whether they want a safe home to thrive, or hope to have their basic needs met, we believe women should have the right and opportunity to do so.

A portion of every sale goes to the work that empowers girl children through education in Rajasthan, India.
Visit Educate Girls for more information.

Get to know us

Artist { The master of infinite brush strokes }

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Dr. Dinesh Sharma

Travelling extensively as working artist for art galleries and museums all over the world, Dr. Dinesh Sharma has conducted many one man and group shows in India, USA, UK, France, Yugoslavia and Sri Lanka. His work has also been featured in AAPI Orlando, Khabar and Rivaaj Magazine, as well as various galleries including Studio Clout Gallery in the art district of Atlanta.

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