About Us

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Welcome to East India Art Company

Thank you for meeting us in the space between the brush and the canvas. At East India Art Company, we believe in the transformational power of art to change your space which can also change how you think and feel.  Simply put, art is pretty powerful.

Art doesn’t complete us – it makes us realize what we long for. Art shows us what came before and is a prelude to what is yet to come.

A brilliant piece of art will bring the storm out of you. You may even discover a new mood or an underlying emotion each time you look at it. Isn’t that what makes the intensity of this colorful chaos so beautiful?

Art is infinite. Art is liberation – freedom of the brush’s next move. Art is everything between blank canvas and the finishing stroke, yet far beyond what the eye alone can ever behold.

At East India Art Company, we call this beautiful mesh of color, form, and texture, life itself.  This life itself is the very source of our creative spark.

Allow us to bring a tiny glimpse of this life into your home or work space, and give your space a beautiful breath of fresh air.  For the love of art, do it.

~ East India Art Company © 2017